For The First Time Ever,…

Create Professional 3D Video Pals and add them to any website,
even if it is not your own one

VideoPal TTS (Text To Speech) is available in 24 different languages and 49 voices

Up until now, creating animations for your videos was only possible with expensive software, or hiring superstar animators. VideoPal changes everything and allows anybody to create powerful animations for their videos with the click of a mouse.

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Video Pal (official) Product Presentation Video


For the ones that don’t understand spoken English very well, here comes the transcription: 

Imagine tapping into the absolute latest technology to increase engagement generate more leads and boost sales instantly. How? With your own on-site fully interactive video avatar that reaches out and grabs your visitors attention.

Now imagine being able to utilize this state-of-the-art technology on any website in less the thirty seconds, whether it’s your site or not. All that more is not only possible but easily within anyone’s reach. Hi! This is Todd Gross, and over the next few minutes you’re going to get a first look at our ingenious cutting-edge app that takes text-to-speech technology to the next level, and I’m not kidding.

Then we’re going to show you how to utilize its awesome power to keep visitors on your site longer and reduce bounce rates within minutes. Then on top of all that, we’re going to show you how to leverage the state-of-the-art technology to increase subscribers, boost engagement with your visitors and yes, increase profits, and trust me there’s a lot more.

Introducing VideoPal! it’s a cutting-edge app that harnesses the power of video animation and state-of-the-art lifelike text-to-speech technology in a way that’s never been done before. So you can get the most from your site’s traffic, to get higher results, and it will even let you leverage content on other people sites. Developed by Paul Ponna and myself, to highly experienced software developers and internet marketers with over 30 years of combined experience.

We conceive VideoPal to help marketers site owners and even business owners, deal with ever-increasing bounce rates declining opt-in rates, rising cart abandonment and withering sales. Especially since all the standard website conversion tools just don’t deliver results the way they used to you. As you probably know by now popups, pop-unders, overlays and strategies, such as scarcity devices and countdown clocks among others, simply don’t work anymore.

If you’re depending on paid traffic, that can mean increasing costs while your profits dwindle, and if you’re killing yourself spending endless hours driving free traffic to your sites with SEO and social media you’re simply wasting your time, if visitors don’t stick around long enough to take action. An attention getting fully interactive avatar can help! According to google, eight out of ten site visitors click away from the average website within 30 seconds or less. If you can retain just a fraction of those visitors who are immediately bailing from your site you can dramatically improve your bottom line.

It’s that simple! In fact according to KISSmetrics, decreasing your bounce rate by just twenty percent can increase performance of calls to action on your site by up to sixty percent, and a VideoPal avatar on your site can help deliver results like that for you; by increasing visitor engagement and motivating people to take action, you can only get better results than what you’re getting now. In fact!, we guarantee you’ll get better results. And you can create your avatar and set it all up in less than a minute. With no special skills or technical knowledge needed. Just fill in a few fields, click a few options and you’re alive.

Because the app is hosted in the cloud, you can access VideoPal from any computer or mobile device via any browser. And with our revolutionary livelink technology you could even utilize VideoPal to easily generate leads and traffic by leveraging content on other sites. It’s so easy to do you won’t believe it. Just setup VideoPal within minutes and utilize any of several simple proven strategies to get more engagement from your visitors. You’ll see your bounce rates take a dive, while your leads and sales will skyrocket, and with no additional time or effort on your part at all, because once you setup VideoPal you could literally set it and forget it. You can change or update your avatar anytime you’d like quickly and easily.

You can even record your own video or voice or anyone else’s for that matter, then uploaded the VideoPal through its easy interface to create your own custom personal avatar. It is super easy VideoPal also enables you to engage with your visitors, as if you were a live person, welcoming them to your site.

Imagine your site having its own virtual concierge. Your VideoPal avatar will easily get more of your visitors, to engage and take action, rather than click away from your site.

Use your avatar to ask visitors what they’re looking for, then take them to the area of the site where they can find it with a click. Get them to download a free giveaway, so that you could get them on your list or take advantage of a special discount or bonus.

Imagine the possibilities here with virtually any kind of site, especially e-commerce sites. By just reaching out to your visitors and getting them to engage in a beneficial way, you’ll get more out of the traffic that you’re wasting right now. Watch your lead generation and sales increase with no additional time or effort on your part. Now, to give you a quick introduction and just a glimpse of all the amazing things that you could do with VideoPal, watch this. Let me introduce you to, well, a VideoPal avatar, who’s going to give you the rundown himself.

Take it away Paul.

Thanks Todd! With VideoPal you can choose from live human actors or 2d and 3d animated characters. You can even upload a video of anyone you want to become your avatar.

You have full control over the voice, script, language, gender and even accent of your avatar. Want to have your avatar speak with a British American or Australian accent? Not a problem! Thanks to our new generation lifelike text-to-speech technology, it’s easier than ever to have a dynamic attention-getting virtual representative on any site you want; even sites that you don’t own!

Once you see the power of VideoPal you can rest assured of one thing, you’ll consider it a must-have on all of your sites and sales funnels, and with our step-by-step training you’ll get fast results, guaranteed! Just get this revolutionary tool for an incredibly low introductory price, by clicking the button below this video.

Then follow the easy training and watch your site get more engagement, subscribers and, yes, sales! With VideoPal you’ll be able to focus on getting more out of the traffic, your site is already getting, rather than just trying to get more and more traffic which you’re mostly just wasting, because let’s face it, if you’re not fully maximizing your traffic it’s a losing battle.

VideoPal works on any device, including smartphones and tablet, regardless of the device, platform or browser that your visitors are using to view your site. VideoPal works seamlessly, across the board.

Make no mistake! This futuristic app is a certified game changer, and since VideoPal is hosted on Google’s superfast and ultra-reliable cloud, you can rest assured that your avatars will always be on the job; 24 x 7 x 365. VideoPal integrates with any existing website.

Just paste in some script code and your avatar is instantly life. And to use VideoPal on other site’s content, all it takes is a couple of clicks. It’s fully automated and loaded with highly customizable features. Be sure to check out the rest of this page and get all the details. Back to you, Todd.

Ok, thank you pal, and like you said, check out this entire page and be sure to watch the demo video below. So you can see just how incredibly easy it is to use. And during this launch period you get total unlimited access to VideoPal for a low one-time price. So take advantage of that while you can. And don’t miss all the incredible bonuses that we’re including during this introductory offer, including real-world case studies that will show you a wide variety of strategies to utilize VideoPal to grow your business even more.

Now, this is exclusive valuable training that my partner Paul Ponna and I have already covered in paid webinars that hundreds of people have paid up to 197 dollars to attend. The bonuses alone are easily worth hundreds of dollars, and if you purchase during this offer they are yours for free.

Ad with our rock solid 30 day guarantee there’s no risk whatsoever to give VideoPal an honest try. Check out the rest of this page and take advantage of the low introductory discount price on this amazing cutting-edge software, while you still can.

Then click the button below this video to get your total access, because it’s only available during this special launch offer! We look forward to helping you build your business and beyond.

VideoPal DEMO – See in DETAIL how VideoPal works


See below only some of the features VideoPal offers you

  • With VideoPal you may choose from 12 animated male and female Video Pals created just for us that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Choose from VideoPal’s  library of live actors with dialog to fit most sites, or replace it with your
  • Record your dialog live in your web browser with a microphone.
  • Lifelike Text to Speech: Create your dialog with lifelike text to speech featuring 47 male and female voices across 24 different languages with automatic language translation.
  • Upload an audio clip you’ve had created in advance for your Video Pal.
  • Upload your own video with Green Screen: Add any video with a solid background and it’s automatically converted to an invisible background..
  • Call to Action Buttons: Add a button to your Video Pal that appears immediately or on a timer. Choose the text and colors of your button and link it to any web page you’d like.
  • Autoresponders: VideoPal has Built-in support for Aweber and GetResponse autoresponders with more coming soon. Easily add visitors to your mail lists.
  • When your Video Pal Plays: Your Video Pal can play automatically as soon as the page is loaded or on a timer with optional countdown, once per visit, or when your visitor is leaving.
  • Where your Video Pal Plays: Choose where your Video Pal will appear, in any of the four corners of the screen. Tweak the offsets to position it exactly where you’d like it.
  • High Performance Hosting: Your Video Pal is hosted on Google’s fast and powerful cloud servers that never go down.
  • Live Previews: See what your completed Video Pal looks like immediately and make adjustments quickly
  • Instant URLs: No coding required. Anyone using this special link will see the Video Pal on your site without a single change needed.
  • Easy Embedding: Cut and paste a single piece of code into your web page for full integration of your Video Pal.
  • Self-Hosting: Experts can download their Video Pals and upload them to their own site.
  • Works on any web browser. A modern HTML5 video player means no Flash is required.
  • It works great on phones and tablets: Supports invisible backgrounds on mobile, something the competition can’t yet match.
  • Let your Video Pal earn you cash by linking to our affiliate page and getting a piece of the sales it makes.