VideoPal Review – What is VideoPal?

Andre W. Klein

Andre W. Klein

In this VideoPal review you will see that VideoPal is an incredibly easy to use cloud-based software that lets you place, WITHIN MINUTES, a speaking person (Pal) in 2-D or 3-D animations, animations of real people (Avatars) on any page whether it’s your own website or using a cloaked URL lo place it in front of any other (affiliate) website.

You may even use your own video (even a green screen video, simply upload and convert it into a VideoPal) and have unlimited video hosting for all the videos you make with VideoPal; videos you uploaded and the Pal videos themselves.

Together with the Video Pal you can also add call to action optin forms, buttons, timers and more to boost conversions significantly.

VideoPalVideoPal allows you to either directly record your own voice, upload a pre-made audio file or use a top-notch voice recognition system, which includes 47 male and female voices across 24 different languages with automatic language translation.

You may see following two examples:

For being able to write  REAL VideoPal review, I was one of the beta testers, tried VideoPal in all different kind of scenarios and browsers and found the VideoPal team very responsive to fixing any problems found and implementing my suggestions.

The only thing you should be aware of is that if you are using Cloudflare for caching your website, as of Feb 13, 2017, you need add a small piece of script to the one generated by VideoPal, so  Cloudflare does not block external scripts from executing. But this will be added to the main product very soon too.

But for the rest, during my VideoPal Review and Beta Testing, I’ve seen that VideoPal works like a charm and also runs very well on most mobile devices!

They have just added also the possibility to tweak the way the text-to-speech, which is already doing an excellent job is rendered. You can add pauses or modify the emphasis. There are more options, which I can’t cover them all in the VideoPal review, but this just gives you an idea. Training videos will be provided:

Hello <break time='500ms'/> </speak>
Hello <break time='1s'/> World. </speak>
<speak> NOTE: Defined values are "strong", "moderate", "none" and "reduced". The default level is "moderate"
That is a <emphasis level="strong"> huge </emphasis> car
That is a <emphasis> big </emphasis> car! </speak>

So let me highlight in this VideoPal Review just a few of the benefits you get with your tiny VideoPal investment.

  • If you sell physical product this is perfect – Video Pal now works seamlessly with Shopify, WooCommerce and any other ecommerce platform to triple your sales within minutes!
  • This one is for everybody – Video Pal is the first ever software that creates interactive video avatars that you can place on ANY website with 100% mobile compatibility to close more leads and sales 24/7 and 365 days if you are driving traffic
  • As I said before, this is massive – Create life-like speech for your avatar using Text-To-Speech in 24 languages
  • Sell to people worldwide! Use google translate and sell where you could not sell before, a lot of voice choice is BIG icing on the huge cake – World’s best Text-To-Speech Engine with 24 languages and 47 Male and Female Voices.
  • Mobile is where people are, this allows you to reach them – VideoPal is the first software of its kind to be 100% compatible to ALL smartphones and Mobile Devices – tap into mobile users and DOUBLE your sales and results!
  • This one let you borrow authority of the best brands and websites (cannot can any better than that) Upload ANY Video Into Video Pal and Put It On ANY Website. Even Websites You Don’t Own!
  • This is that unlimited hosting which you can extent to you own video with trick from my bonus video – Video Pal is the only video avatar creation, management and unlimited video hosting platform that is available for a low one-time payment.

P.S. Now Video Pal still has Early Adopter one time price but it is going away in Friday midnight EST. After that price switches automatically to monthly (obviously they cannot keep one time price other than intro because of hosting costs).

VideoPal Review – Demo VideoPal with Automated Text to Speech and Button


For the ones that don’t understand spoken English very well, here comes the transcription: 

VideoPal Review – Demo Transcrtiption – part -1

OK, in this demo I’m going to show you how to quickly create a VideoPal for your website.

So l say new project. We have 2d animated Pals (Avatars), 3d human Pals, and a video that I could use. So I would choose a 3-D Pal. Let’s say this one, and say Text to speech okay.

So what I will do, I prepared this text and I will just copy it in here. It’s a female, that fine, it’s English, so I just click next.

I want the button, so let’s take the button, click here you to see more. The link, so let’s go to my blog. I’ll change the button color, let it be blue. That’s fine! And just leave the default values. Autoplay after loading, and I want to show the mute button, and it will start immediately, and I can also change the position it I wanted here, but won’t do that for now.

Just leave it as-is and hit create.

Give it a name and an URL, where it should be displayed on. I’m going to place this on another product I’m promoting and I can add my VideoPal affiliate URL here.

So, so let’s do that too and say save. Here it is and I can have a preview. Instant demo on the site.


VideoPal Review – Demo Transcrtiption – part -2

What is VideoPal? VideoPal is an incredibly easy to use cloud-based software that lets you place, WITHIN MINUTES, a speaking person, Pal, in 2-D or 3-D animations. Animations of real people or even your own video, including green screen, on any page whether with your own website’s or using a cloaked URL to place it in front of any other website website.

You can either directly record your own voice, upload a premade audio file or use a top-notch voice recognition system, which includes 47 male and female voice, across 24 different languages with automatic language translation. Just…

We just muted the voice here, and I can also restart VideoPal, can also just close it down. I can also have a preview simply on this page.

What is VideoPal? VideoPal is an incredibly easy to use cloud-based And something I forgot to tell you, is we can get the code here. So here we can place also the script directly on our webpage, if it is our site. And if we are promoting somebody else’s product, would basically use this URL.

So that’s it! You see it’s very quick and slick to build a Video Pal for any site. 🙂

VideoPal Review – If you are en Explaindio user…
both products complement themselves nicely

Explaindio Video Creator Platinum 3 Latest VersionExplaindio is the #1 animation, doodle sketch, and motion video creation software for creating attention-grabbing professional-looking 2D & 3d marketing, explainer & training videos and complements VideoPal nicely.

Video Pal is not limited to characters (although that is supper great) but also allows you to upload custom video from Explaindio or really any video with solid background for that matter!

Here is how to do it in 2 steps:

  • step 1 – create video in Explaindio with solid color background (for example green)
  • step 2 – upload that video as custom video to Video Play and you are done.

It is also the way to add text-to-speech voice over to your Explaindio videos.

So if you want to add voice over (24 languages & 47 voices) to Explaindio video, you just upload the Explaindio video, add voice over and you are done.


VideoPal Review – How Can VideoPal Help You In Your Business?

If you’re an internet marketer…

Add VideoPal to your blogs, websites and affiliate landing pages. You’ll instantly boost sales and lead signups!

Example: Use VideoPal to offer visitors a cool free ebook or digital product giveaway to get them on your list. You’ll get higher opt-in rates – with no additional effort or advertising expense!

If you’re an offline consultant…

You can offer VideoPal to your business clients for a set monthly fee.

Create and install a powerful avatar on your client’s website in less than an hour, then get paid every month with no additional overhead or expense! (Our bonus case studies will show you exactly how it’s done!)

If you’re a social media marketer…

Use VideoPal to leverage content on other sites that have good viral or social traction, such as BuzzFeed, Upworthy or Mashable using your VideoPal proprietary live-link technology!

 Your avatar will appear on the content’s page and interact with each person who clicks via your link. Invite them to join your list, click through to your site or whatever else you want them to do, with no need to create your own content!

You can use this powerful capability to get super-cheap leads from inexpensive post-engagement ads on Facebook and a whole lot more!

If you run an e-commerce store…

Use your VideoPal avatar to offer incentives to your visitors to get them to buy!

Offer customers help to complete a sale if they have any questions or need more information.

Offer instant discounts to visitors who started a shopping cart to get them to complete the sale, and a whole lot more!

Your sales will increase, while your cart abandonment rates decrease!

And don’t forget, you can also build a subscriber list from visitors who are just browsing your store!

If you run a small or brick-and-mortar business…

Use your avatar to offer discount coupons, bonus items, “buy 1 get 1 free” offers and whatever else you want to get more leads and customers.

If you’re running a service business, it’s a great way to build a rock-solid prospect list.

For example, if you run a restaurant, offering a discount promo coupon is a great way to get more customers in during your slow periods, and get people added to your customer list.

The possibilities are simply endless!

If you’re a product creator…

You can use VideoPal to interact with visitors who check out your sales pages.

Get them to make micro-commitments, so you can either get them to complete a sale or get on your list so you can follow-up with emails.

You’ll dramatically increase sales with less promotion/follow-up needed!

If you are an author or blogger…

Use VideoPal to get more engagement from your blog readers or book buyers!

Invite them to get on your list to take advantage of special offers and a whole lot more!

If you’re an affiliate marketer…

Use VideoPal to leverage other site’s content via advertising or social media promotion, then get visitors to click through to your affiliate links and/or subscribe to your list!

Regardless of your niche, you can use news, blogs and other content sites to promote YOUR offers with endless possibilities!

You can also use VideoPal on your landing pages, bonus pages, review posts, and more to skyrocket your affiliate commissions with no additional effort!

Regardless of your niche, you can use news, blog posts and other content sites to promote YOUR offers with endless possibilities!

VideoPal Review – VideoPal UPGRADES

When doing this VideoPal a review or any review I’m always interested in seeing the upgrades you can have access to once you have got your copy of VideoPal, and I thought you may too. So here comes a sneak-peek on the VideoPal upgrades.

If you are not interested in one of the VideoPal  upgrades, just skip it by clicking on the “not interested” link at the bottom of the upgrade page, so you can move on to see the next one 😉


VideoPal UPGRADE #1 – VideoPal Deluxe Upgrade

Price: $44 ($17/mo after launch)

This feature packed Deluxe upgrade gives customers access to:

  • Monthly access to new 3D, 2D or Human Avatars.
  • Five extra Text-to-Speech voices unlocked.
  • 11 professionally recorded voiceover templates to add to their avatars instantly to boost engagement and sales.
  • VIP priority dedicated support team.

VideoPal UPGRADE #3 – VideoPal Profit Campus

Price: $27 ($97/ after launch)

Complete step-by-step training on how we are placing video avatars on our e-commerce sites, affiliate pages, websites, and blogs to drive leads and sales.

Customer gets to see firsthand how VideoPal is being used on existing sites to understand the true potential of VideoPal.

Additionally, training is included to teach you how to OUTSOURCE the whole VideoPal business.

VideoPal UPGRADE #2 – VideoPal Agency License

Price: $67 on-time ($17/mo after launch)

Agency license allows users to sell VideoPal Creation Services to websites owners, bloggers, e-commerce sites, and local businesses.

This license removed the “Powered by” branding and allows the customer complete freedom to place the Video avatars on their sites or client sites.

Customers also get access to training on how and where they can sell VideoPal services for maximum profit. Freelance strategies and online sources to sell these services are revealed!

VideoPal UPGRADE #4 – Social Traffic Suite Pro

Price: $17 on-time ($17/mo after launch)

Customers get access to our state of the art social media syndication suite they can use to schedule, post to 10 different social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more from ONE platform.

Customers can drive FREE traffic on demand and promote their websites!

This is a perfect complement to VideoPal – website owners can use this to promote their websites and drive traffic while VideoPal will convert that traffic into sales and leads!

VideoPal Review –  In case you don’t believe that I’m a REAL user,

I have even purchased myself the WHOLE product set and upgrades


VideoPal Review – Here are 7 reasons why you should get VideoPal now…

VideoPals-Woman-and-ManReason #1 – VideoPal is proven to double your leads, sales and profits using TINY video avatars you can create in 30 seconds!

Reason #2 – With VideoPal you can create talking video avatars in 24 diferent languages and 47 male and female voices!

Reason #3 – You can convert any video with a solid or green screen background into a VideoPal Video Avatar in seconds that you can place on all your sites!

Reason #4 – Upload ANY Video Into Video Pal and Put It On ANY Website. Even Websites You Don’t Own!

Reason #5 – You can add call to action buttons, timers and opt-in forms to the avatars to instantly boost your results and profits!

Reason #6* Newly Updated – Video Pal is the world’s only video creation technology with Accelerated Speed Minify Technology which automatically loads your videos faster than any other video on the planet!

Reason #7 – The price of VideoPal already increased THREE times since launch! The special earlybird launch is going to end on Friday and the price will change to a monthly subscription!

People who saw VideoPal in action are calling this “mind blowing”, “futuristic” and cutting edge!